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Mrs.  DeAnna  Martin
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Tusculum View

As I look forward to another academic year at Tusculum View, I reflect on the many aspects of this extraordinary school. I am extremely excited and proud to be able to serve the wonderful students, parents, teachers, and community members here at Tusculum View Elementary School. This school is an extraordinary place to work, learn, and grow.


Tusculum View is very blessed to have many extraordinary tools to aid in the academic success of students. The second through fifth grade students have their own laptop to use as a tool for learning. Third through fifth grade students are allowed to take these devices home. Students are finding that learning is fun when teachers require students to use the devices as a part of their instruction. Teachers also use IPADS, IPODS, and Promethean Boards to enhance instructional content throughout the day. Students tell me that learning is a blast with technology!


Our number one goal at Tusculum View is to keep all of our students safe throughout the day. The school’s Safety Initiative helps to ensure the safety of all of our students. Thank you for your understanding when we ask for your car tag or your driver’s license. Please know that we will do whatever it takes to keep your child safe.


As literacy has been our focus this year, we’ve made huge strides to challenge students to achieve at higher levels. Student data is collected and progress is tracked in reading. Teachers are utilizing research based teaching strategies and materials to maximize student growth in literacy. The growth of our students in literacy this year has been extraordinary.


The 2017 NICHE rankings placed Tusculum View as #13 in the state in the Best Elementary Schools category. This is very impressive and I continue to be impressed daily by the Tusculum View family. Each student, parent, and adult represented at Tusculum View plays a vital role in making Tusculum View successful. In addition, there is more to celebrate! Tusculum View teachers ranked 5th best teachers in the state! The teachers' hard work, collaboration, content knowledge, love for children, and positive attitudes combine to make school very successful for students!


I extend my humble thanks to the entire Tusculum View community for the way you continue to support us, our teachers and our students through your time, donations, and uplifting praise. Your continued support means more to us than words can ever express.