Mrs.  DeAnna  Martin
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Tusculum View

As I entered Tusculum View Elementary School for the
first time as the new principal in January, I quickly realized why the school
has a reputation of being such a special place. I heard many things before my
first day of the qualities that make the school unique. There are three main
reasons the school is different from all the other schools. The teachers are
some of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever encountered. They truly do
what is best for the students at the school every day. The students are caring,
bright, and convey true leadership skills daily. They are always ready to be
challenged. The parents are supportive of teachers, administration, and the
overall needs of the school. I am blown away by the commitment of the parents
in the activities of the school. So what truly sets this school apart from
other schools? It is YOU…… teachers, students and parents! You are special and
I feel blessed to be a part of the Tusculum View family.