1st 9 weeks Box Tops Winner: First Grade!

Congratulations to 1st Grade!! They are our 1st nine weeks Box Tops Winner! All students in 1st Grade will receive a Mystery Treat very soon.


Remember to keep bringing in your Box Tops for education! This is an easy way to help our school. If you bring in 10 box tops you will get a trip to the Treasure Box in the office. 


Also remember that Box Tops is going digital. All you need is the Box Tops app to scan your store receipt. You will click on the Box Tops App, take a picture of your receipt, any Box Tops products found will instantly be added to our school's earnings online. Your receipt must be scanned within 14 days of purchase. Also, ANYONE scanning their receipt (looking at you grandparents, neighbors, friends, cousins, and aunts/uncles!!) can "GIVE CREDIT" to an individual or grade level. You simply scan the receipt, then click the star icon to enter "GIVE CREDIT" in the memo. We are still accepting the cut out box tops from products while they are still available on products you purchase, so you can keep turning those in as you find them.