Message from Dr. Luttrell 8-23-20

Good afternoon Tiger families, 

Here are a few announcements for the coming week. Online learning will continue for all grades PreK- 5. K-5 will access their assignments and Zoom links in the Canvas app located in Launchpad. Our internet has been unstable a few times throughout the week, but our prepared IT team was able to identify and fix the issue within minutes. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to the service of our students and staff. Again, we would like to thank all of our families for your patience, positive attitudes, and hard work during this time of online learning. I know this is not an easy time. Many of our families work during the day and are learning with their children after a long day at work. I sincerely want you to know that our teachers are considerate of all situations and want to hear from you when you need their assistance. We are willing to work with you and be partners on this journey we find ourselves on. We have all found ourselves frustrated, confused, feeling like we can’t do this, and discouraged. It is times like these that we must draw our strength from each other. Reaching out to friends who may have figured out a solution or reaching out to the school for technical assistance, explanations, or more convenient options are ways we can help and receive help when needed. We truly are in the together to help our students build a strong educational foundation.


Logging in to Zoom meetings, watching recorded Zooms, attempting work, and contacting teachers is how work will be measured. Work from each day should be attempted in order to be counted present for school. Tusculum View staff members will be contacting families if work is not being attempted and Zoom meetings are not accessed. Absences can accumulate quickly if work is let go and not attempted. It is very important that students attend live Zooms if possible in order to have interaction with classmates and get to know their teachers. We know this is not always possible, though, and have the recorded Zooms uploaded each day. I encourage families to try and complete work daily if possible so it doesn’t accumulate and seem overwhelming, especially in grades 3-5 where there are three 90 minutes block of core instruction each day with assignments. Please know we are trying to find the balance of what is enough or too much and keep students on track with their learning. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have concerns. Again, this is new to all of us and will need to be a team to get through the rough patches.


Our staff is dedicated to making sure students and families have the necessary support to access the learning in Canvas, answer any questions about content or finding the Zoom links and materials, or listening to any frustrations you may have. Please reach out to them via email or calling the school. They will respond to your emails within 24 hours Monday-Friday and by Monday if you email on weekends.


Check out our Tigers at Home Facebook page to catch updates, pictures of student learning, and important info. Our kindergarten team made a great video of Zoom etiquette. We find ourselves inviting the classrooms into our homes each day - this is a big change for us all. One helpful tip is to situate your student’s computer camera facing a wall to keep traffic behind the student out of the camera. Students know that they need to dress appropriately and use appropriate language - caregivers should also do the same. Remember you are live and being recorded - some things just can’t be unseen or heard! 😳


We will begin to hopefully transition back to in person learning in the coming weeks. We will begin next Monday, August 31st with PreK and kindergarten on a half day hybrid A/B schedule. Teachers will be communicating this week to families what days and times their students will attend along with surveys of whether you will need bus transportation to and from school. Students will need to wear a mask while they are at school. Temperatures will be taken each morning before entering the building. Students may bring their lunch or purchase lunch from our cafeteria. Breakfast will also be available. We are so excited to have little feet and laughter in our building!


We hope everyone has a wonderful week of learning!

Dr. Luttrell