Dr. Luttrell's Weekly Message 9/20/20

Good afternoon Tiger families. 

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable weekend.  We will resume online learning for grades 1-5 and hybrid full days for PreK, kindergarten, and our highest needs students this week.  As you already know, GCS grades PK-12 will move to full day Hybrid A/B schedule on September 28th

Transportation Survey

With more students coming back to school on September 28th, we will resume normal dismissal locations.  If you haven’t already, please complete the transportation survey below so we can plan to get your students to the correct destination each afternoon. Vehicles may begin lining up at 2:55 each day at both locations.

Click here for Transportation Survey link


Car Tags

To ensure the safety of students, all car rider vehicle picking up students MUST have a car tag issued from our office.  Only a parent or guardian can obtain these from the office, but may distribute them to whoever will be picking up your student(s).  All persons with a car tag MUST be on the approved pick up list. If a car tag is not present in the vehicle, the driver must park and come in the office to check out the student with their driver’s license and be on the APPROVED PICK UP LIST.  If you have not gotten your car tags, please come to the office and pick them up prior to the 28th.  You receive 2 at no cost and extras are $2 each.  Only a parent or guardian can add or remove individuals from the approved pick up list and must do this in person at the office.

Fall Pictures

Fall pictures for students will be September 28th for the A group of students (please note this is the first day of the hybrid schedule for all students). The B group will take pictures on October 8th.  If you are an EDGE student, you may come on September 28th from 8-10 am to have your picture taken. 


Please remember the ways your child is counted as present for the day in PowerSchool.  Your child needs to either attend Zooms, watch recorded Zooms, or complete work for the day.  If your child has none of these for the day, they are counted absent.  Attendance for online learning is taken on Mondays for the previous week to allow for those parents who help their children complete work on the weekends.  

Several students are accruing multiple absences due to not attending Zooms, watching recorded Zooms, or sending in finished work.  We have the ability to see which students are watching the recorded Zooms and for how long they the watch the video.  If your child does not do one of the above for the day, that is considered an absence.  These absences do count toward truancy.  Remember you have three parent notes per semester you may use to cover an absence from the week. 

When students who chose in person return to school on hybrid, attendance will be taken on the days they are in person and will also continue to be taken for the 3 days of asynchronous/online learning.  If students do not do one of the above mentioned for the day, they will be counted absent. Please make sure your child is completing their work for the day and you are communicating with their teacher if you are having issues.  Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter. 

Online School Store

The TV Online School Store Open is open year-round, 24 hours a day! Check it often for new items and designs. You can pay online and pick up at school or it will be sent home with your student.

 Click here for TV Online School Store

Lunch and Breakfast

Lunch and breakfast are free for all students until the end of December.

Water Bottles

Students may continue to bring an unfilled water bottle to school with them. It will be filled at school following safety guidelines.

GSIA Membership

Attention Tusculum View families: GSIA needs your help!!  You should've received info from GSIA with your supply pick-up packets last week. Please take time to consider becoming a GSIA member ($10 per family), a member of the Tiger Team (volunteer) or a corporate sponsor. TV Elementary is heavily supported by the GSIA and all family support is welcomed and encouraged. Please take a minute to look through the GSIA info and consider participating. GSIA membership drive ends this Friday, September 18th.  You may send your membership form and dues to school if you have student who will be attending.  Thank you to all you do to support Tusculum View!


Below is a schedule of what to expect this week:

Monday – PreK 7:30 – 1 and Kindergarten Hybrid A group whole day 8-3

Tuesday – PreK 7:30 – 1 and Kindergarten Hybrid A group whole day 8-3

Wednesday – PreK 7:30 – 1 and Kindergarten B group and highest needs students who have been notified will attend whole day 8-3.

Thursday – PreK 7:30 – 1 and Kindergarten B group and highest needs students who have been notified will attend whole day 8-3.  

Friday – Online learning for all students grades PreK – 5.  Work must be completed even though there are no Zooms.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the school at 639.2751.  

I hope you all have a good week and stay well!

Dr. Luttrell