3rd Grade participates in Trash Art Contest for Keep Greene Beautiful

Tusculum View 3rd Grade, with the help of the whole school, recently participated in a Trash Art Contest. In conjunction with America Recycles Day, Keep Greene Beautiful sponsored a “Trash to Treasure” Contest where students are encouraged to develop creative ways in which to recycle something that they would normally throw away. Students collect and use trash to create art, and the purpose of this event is to encourage utilization of available resources and environmental awareness.


The Keep Greene Beautiful judge visited Tusculum View last week and our 3rd grade class was rewarded with a pizza party for their unique group project!


Led by Mrs. Angie and Ms. Stephens, Tusculum View students donated their Halloween candy “trash” wrappers. Then third graders used cardboard pieces leftover from the school’s computer boxes and covered the cardboard in candy wrappers. They used a big box donated from Aldi and some old boxes from TV deliveries to make the house frame and roof. Third graders used scrap paper and decorated the scraps into gumdrops and candy for the roof shingles. All this trash was turned into a Hansel and Gretel candy house that will be used as a fun reading spot in library!


These 3rd Grade representatives had this to say:

Jase S- “This is a recycling house. It has a lot of candy wrappers.”

Justis H- “and it has a lot of scrap paper from recycling. Kids donated candy wrappers.”

Karson  M- “It is really good and really colorful. I used markers and recycled paper to make jellybeans on the roof.”

Chloe M- “We used computer boxes. It is colorful and unique!”


Thanks to everyone who sent in their candy wrappers! We do not need any more candy wrappers sent in to school at this time.