Mrs. Ingram Interview: Lady Vols and Sports History!

Did you know our own Mrs. Ingram played for the Lady Vols and was honored at a game in January? Our Tiger News fifth graders Harper and Elsie interviewed Mrs. Ingram about her time as a Lady Vol, the achievements she has received, and what it was like playing under Coach Pat Summitt's very first team at UT. We also learn that Mrs. Ingram is in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame and she still holds a record at UT today! 
Check out our Tiger Sports News segment, and you can read more about basketball history in the article links below!

Tiger News Interview with Harper and Elsie: 


Gail Dobson Ingram Helped Summitt Win Her First Game


Two From Greene County To Be Honored By Women's Basketball Hall


2018 Trailblazer of the Game Recipient: Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL)



NCAA Basketball Coaching Legend, 1952-2016 


 π“𝐒𝐭π₯𝐞 πˆπ— β€’ 50 for 50 40/50 β€” Pat Summitt's first ever victory at Tennessee.