Birthday Book Club

Each year, Tusculum View has a Birthday Book Club to help students celebrate their birthday with a fun-filled event. This provides our library with new books and is a great way to honor your child’s birthday!

You can either:
•donate $15 for each child in your family (pay $15 for each child and they each get to select their own book)
•donate $15 to purchase one book for all children in your family (all the children’s names and birthdays will be in one book)

Participating students will be invited to choose a brand-new library book from a wide selection of exciting, popular titles. Their name and photo will be displayed on the inside cover of the book to show their generosity in supporting their school library, and they will be the first student to check it out. Students will also receive a small goodie bag. This celebration happens in the spring, usually in March.

To participate, please fill out the paper with your $15 cash or check made payable to Tusculum View and return to school before January 17, 2024.

Or you can sign up and pay on the Tusculum View Website:

bday book