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Take in Time: 8:00 AM 423-639-2751 423.639.2198 Dr. Lana Luttrell
Dismissal Time: 3:00 PM     [email protected] 


Tusculum View's Vision Statement


Tusculum View has a heart for ALL kids by providing engaging opportunities to achieve excellence.




To ensure ALL students are prepared for the future of their choice by nurturing talent, inspiring curiosity, and fostering critical thinking through innovative programs of excellence.



Core Values:


ALL individuals can learn and Grow. 


Rationale:  A growth mindset and high expectations for ALL are essential for optimal learning. Educators and students are committed to continuous learning. Everyone involved with the student’s development has a unique role in this partnership.  


Trusting relationships are key to cultivating the mind and impacting the heart.


Rationale: We are a family of learners committed to building relationships with students and colleagues to learn and grow together. We strive to develop the whole-child by nurturing purpose, passion, and strengths.  


ALL students deserve high-quality, personalized instruction. 


Rationale: Learning is purposeful, engaging, and rigorous. It includes student voice and choice to equip students with the tools, resources, and support to be successful in life.  


We value a culture of high-expectations and are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. 


Rationale: We are a learning organization that strives to move beyond what is and continually searches for what could be.


The learning environment is safe and nurturing, empowering all to thrive. 


Rationale: The learning environment is clean, physically and emotionally safe, and fosters a sense of well-being and belonging.  


Student success depends upon a strong partnership between the student, school, family, and community. 


Rationale: Everyone concerned with the student’s development has a unique role in this collaborative partnership.