Using Launchpad on a personal device

Launchpad will work in Chrome and Firefox on GCS student and teacher devices. For Launchpad to be able to log a user into an application, a browser extension is required.
If you are using a personal device (PC or Mac), please see the following article to learn how to install the browser extension on your device: Instructions are under Section 1 - Browser Extensions.

If you are using a Chromebook, visit and search for Classlink Launchpad. Install the extension.

A direct link to the extension is: (this link will work for Chromebooks and for PC's or Mac's running Chrome).
Launchpad is the #1 place where students can access all their programs. Launchpad is the hub of everything we do! This resource allows students to easily login to all of our resources! Remember to use code gcschools, and all student usernames and passwords are all lowercase.