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Hello! I am Tusculum View’s Library Media Specialist/Tech Leader! Along with visiting the library to check out books each week, students will participate in activities that integrate science, history, world geography, and ELA. I will collaborate with your child’s teacher to provide enrichment lessons and we will work on research, technology, and writing skills. I look forward to helping your child develop a love of reading and experience the joy of memorable characters and places this year!


You may see me around school taking photos and videos at our special events! One of the fun parts of my job is   documenting our school's history, so along with preserving the archives of Tusculum View history since 1967, I am always collecting media to continue telling the Tusculum View story. You can see special videos on our Tusculum View Video Site, and you can see photos of your child's learning in action on the Tusculum View Facebook page


Mark your calendars! Our Book Fair will be the week of November 3-11! This is always an exciting time and we hope you can visit! More information will go home closer to the date.


Our library’s other main fundraiser is our Birthday Book Club. More information about signing up for this exciting opportunity will go home in January. Kids LOVE helping choose a book to add to our library in honor of their birthday, and this helps add many exciting new books to our shelves! Thank you!

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Questions: [email protected]

~Ms. Stephens



Library Book Expectations:

  • Students may check out 1 library book at a time, and books are due 1 week from the checkout date. Students may renew the book as many times as they want until they are finished reading it. Students have time to check out books during library class once a week.
  • 2nd through 5th grade students may visit the library any time during the week with permission from their classroom teacher.
  • We do not charge late fees, although students may lose privileges if books are continuously late. Students are encouraged to bring their book to library class so they can renew it if needed. Every so often through the year, I will print late book notices so that you can help your child find and return any missing books. Please do not be alarmed! These notes are just a reminder every so often to see which books in our school are late.
  • For a truly lost library book- missing for several months, it has disappeared in a black hole: a notice will be sent home that shows the amount that must be paid for a replacement. If you pay for the lost book and find the book later, you can return the book and we will refund your money.