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How Can You Help?

How Can You Help Our Library?


Your support of our Book Fair and Birthday Book Club helps us purchase new books for our shelves. Here are some other volunteer needs we have at this time. If you are interested, send an email to [email protected]


Library Needs How You Can Help
If you ever come across a good sale on bookmarks, I would gladly accept any donations at any time! I also had a former student who would make nice bookmarks from fun scrapbook paper and ribbon and donate these to our library. Students love picking a bookmark from our free bookmark cup when they visit!
Library Volunteer
Interesting in being a library volunteer?
We would love to have a consistent library volunteer at any time of year! The time commitment can be as little as 30 minutes, once a week, any time of day. The biggest need is help shelving books (I promise it is easy with a little practice!). Volunteers may also help with bulletin boards, cutting paper, tidying centers, labeling items… 
Please contact Ms. Stephens for more info at [email protected] 
Tiger News Community Spotlight

Our school’s Tiger News Webcast starts in January. Our 5th grade team is always looking for story ideas, and last year we started a special news segment called Community Spotlight. If you or someone you know would like your workplace or business team to partner with us, please contact me for more info. You will send a short video giving our students a shout out and a look at different jobs! For a cool example, you can view an episode from a few years ago featuring our friends at the amazing Creamy Cup: