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Tiger News is a long standing Tusculum View Tradition, and students look forward to the day when they become 5th graders and the hosts of our Daily Webcast show! 
Watch Tiger News on our video channel:
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2024 Updates:

These students have either already filmed their parts or are in the process of filming. For these groups, we have already finished or will work on their News segments during the school day and use the time when they are waiting on Bus Duty or Tiger Time. You can view your child's episodes of Tiger News by looking for these dates:


  • January 18, 22-25: Randi, Ava, Maeve, and Liz
  • Special Edition Jan 26, Sports News NFL Playoffs: Abagail, Tatum, Colton, Noah, Waylon, Ainsley, Gracie, Emery, Justis, Silas, Nolan, Gunner
  • January 29-February 2: Darci, Lawson, Jraiden, Titus, Liam V
  • February 5-9: Aryana, Braygan, Jaxson, Kegan, Tatum, Eli D
    • Special Volleyball Segment Feb 7: Ruby, Addi, Maelynn, Darci
    • Special Super Bowl Segments Feb 8 & 9: Abagail, Colton, Tatum, Noah, Silas, Waylon
  • February 12, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23: Addison, Chloe M, Hennessys, Wesley, Timeira, Noah, Waylon
  • February 26-March 1: Zac, Nolan, Jayden, Keeta, Angel
  • March 4- 8: Brynlee, Addilyn, Maelynn, Ruby, Angel L
  • March 18-22: Justis, Christian, Gunner, Sawyer, Ainsley
  • Special Edition Lego League Competition Video: Tanner, Logan, Lindsey, Lukas
  • March 25-28: Andy, Liam F, Jensen, James, Bentley R
Thanks to my daily Library Helpers: Logan, Abagail, and Balin- they pop in frequently when we need to film a last minute breaking news item before the end of the day! They always say "sure!" when I ask if they can film a few sentences really quickly!
Many 5th grade students have special features scattered throughout the semester as we work on filming the scripts ideas they develop in library class. 
The next month of students will be scheduled in the coming weeks. I will contact you if you signed up to stay after school to film! 
tiger5th Grade Families, you can brainstorm with your child any time you see an idea- how can we make Tiger News awesome this year? Do you see any ideas on the local news? Late night news shows? Interesting social media reels? ESPN Sportscenter? We are always looking for new ideas and working on scripts in Library class! Thanks for your support! 

-Ms. Stephens, Library Media Specialist 
[email protected]