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Welcome to Dr. Fine's Art World

Dr. Fine has been teaching art for over 28 years (19 at Tusculum View). She is also a professional artist. She earned her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree from University of Massachusetts, her MaEd (Masters of Art Education) degree from East Carolina University and her EdD (Doctorate of Education) degree from East Tennessee State University.

At Tusculum View we do a variety of art activities aligned with the TN visual arts state curriculum guidelines. The activities fall into 6 categories; art history/cultures, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and craft. Ms. Fine's philosophy about teaching art includes; encouraging students to “think outside the box”, process over product (in Elementary school learning the process of art making can lead to an appreciation for how artwork is made), and trying their best!

We are going to be creating student art portfolios this school year and will have an art show in the Spring. Students will bring home their portfolio work in December and May. Grading for K-2 is based on conduct and progress. Grading for 3-5 is based on individual grades for projects, quizzes, discussions & conduct and is done in PowerSchool at the end of the 9 week period. Art rules: Enter and go to seat quietly, respect others, clean up from project, line up respectfully at                        
the end of class. Let's create!