Weekly News from Dr. Luttrell 8-16-20

Good afternoon Tiger families,

Thank you for all of your hard work this past week. Everyone has worked hard, been patient, worked through technology issues, and embarked on a new way of learning. We all still have a lot to learn, but the willingness I see to succeed and make the best of our situation makes me proud of our staff, students, and families! Remember you have until midnight tonight to complete work.

We will have a second packet pick up this Thursday, August 20, from 8-3 in the front circle of the school. Please make arrangements to pick up these materials as they will be necessary for at home learning. If our learning situation was to change, any changes in pick up will be communicated.

Attendance will be based on work attempts, zoom attendance, and watching the zooms at later times. Teachers are able to see when a student logs in and what parts of the page are visited. I encourage everyone to review the Attendance policy sent in the Online learning handbook or EDGE handbook.

Below is our attendance policy from our online learning handbook.


Students are expected to participate in Zoom class sessions. They are encouraged to join during the live Zoom sessions but may also access the learning by watching recordings of the Zoom sessions through the Canvas Learning Management System. They are expected to complete and submit all assignments by midnight each Sunday evening. Attendance for virtual learning will be determined by engagement in classwork (Zooms, discussion boards, emails, etc.) and completion of assignments through Canvas.


If you are having issues logging in, with your computer, or internet please contact or main office or our online help desk. The help desk icon can be found in your class homepage in CANVAS.

Also, Comcast is offering two free months of internet to qualifying families. Please call the school for more information. You may also call the school if you are in need of meal pick up.

Also, during any offered remote learning this school year, there may be times when both you and your student join staff members and other students/parents via live streaming. While we want to offer such access and interaction during these trying times, both parents and students alike should remain mindful and protective of each other’s privacy. School records remain confidential under both state and federal law. So, while a parent has every right to share news with others as to how his/her child is doing in school, that same parent has no right to share information, images, or audio related to other students that may have been received during a live streaming session. Zoom meetings will be recorded for later viewing by students unable to participate live. These recordings will become part of the teacher’s Canvas course enabling students and/or parents/guardians to utilize them for their own study. Please note, however, that neither parents nor students have permission to record and distribute (e.g., text message, social media posting, etc.) any video, audio or even still images taken during a live streaming session. If a parent and/or a student is found to have violated the above-standards, please understand that we reserve the right to address the same, including consideration of revoking or suspending remote learning privileges.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Dr. Luttrell